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7 months ago

Built upon a foundation of funky percussion and dynamic rhythm, “We Will Rise” is an ode to the power of the human connection.

10 months ago

Our new single. Dig it? Share it!

11 months ago
1 year ago

A sampling of Soulganic’s groundbreaking debut album “All Directions Forward” - the birth of Funky Indie Soul.

1 year ago

New single “We Will Rise” dropping July 9 - artwork by the incomparable Monique Luck.

1 year ago

(l-r): Cory McClure, Ryan McKeithan, Anthony Rodriguez, Lucas Torres | photo by Brandon McBee for Soulganic

1 year ago
1 year ago

…and there was rejoicing in the land.

1 year ago

Yet another snippet of a jam session during one of our rehearsals during the time between our first two albums. 

Recorded & mixed by Soulganic.

2 years ago

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