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7 months ago

Built upon a foundation of funky percussion and dynamic rhythm, “We Will Rise” is an ode to the power of the human connection.

9 months ago

Our new single. Dig it? Share it!

10 months ago
1 year ago

A sampling of Soulganic’s groundbreaking debut album “All Directions Forward” - the birth of Funky Indie Soul.

1 year ago

New single “We Will Rise” dropping July 9 - artwork by the incomparable Monique Luck.

1 year ago

(l-r): Cory McClure, Ryan McKeithan, Anthony Rodriguez, Lucas Torres | photo by Brandon McBee for Soulganic

1 year ago
1 year ago

…and there was rejoicing in the land.

1 year ago

Yet another snippet of a jam session during one of our rehearsals during the time between our first two albums. 

Recorded & mixed by Soulganic.

2 years ago

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